High Rises, Apartments and Homes of all sizes.

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We provide all Paints, supplies, tools, Scaffolding, 

Boom lifts and High Rise Staging as needed to perform a complete and thorough job



We begin our preparation on each job by:


  • Looking for Mildew around the property and spraying with a bleach solution that kills the mildew then we add a mildewcide paint additive to the paint which helps to control mold and mildew.


  • Next we Power Wash all surfaces to be painted so as to remove any dirt, grime, spider webs, loose materials, etc.


  • Gene’s Painting does minor Dry Rot repairs by removing and replacing wood as needed, on smaller areas we use a two part epoxy filler or two part Bondo filler to restore the wood.  All loose nails, screws or wood is tightened.


  • All loose and Peeling Paint is then scraped by hand to a sound surface and sanded as needed. (Feather sanding is done to the level customer decides at beginning of job,  Finer feather sanding takes more time and costs more.)


  • We apply straight Boiled Linseed Oil to bare wood which penetrates deep into the wood.


  • The RIGHT PRIMER for the proper surface is one of the most important procedures a painter can do for a longer lasting paint job…… after at least 24 hours penetration of the boiled linseed oil we apply a very slow drying oil based primer to the bare wood (the longer the primer takes to dry on wood the more the penetration and therefore the longer it takes the sun to dry out the wood and pop the paint.)  


    Gutters, downspouts and all other metal requires a fast drying primer to bite onto the metal fast, no penetration required.


                Stains must be sealed with  a “Stain Killing Primer” or the stain will bleed through all layers of  paint.

                Rusted areas need a red oxide rust inhibited primer.


  • Patching is then done on stucco and wood. For smaller cracks on stucco and wood we use an elastomeric caulking and larger cracks on stucco we use a stucco patch mixed with glue for maximum adhesion, larger cracks on wood are repaired using two part bondo filler.  All patches are then primed


  • We remove and replace all loose Glazing in windows






  • Killing any mildew with a bleach solution


  • We move and replace all furniture and appliances


  • We remove and replace blinds and curtains as needed


  • We cover everything with plastic prior starting prep


  • All floor areas are covered with tarps


  • Trim and glossy walls are washed with TSP to de-gloss


  • Sanding as needed on trim and walls with debris


  • Priming any water, smoke or other stains to prevent bleed through


  • All cracks and holes in walls and ceilings filled and repaired as needed


  • We caulk around  windows and doors as needed to seal leaks


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